Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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October 2002: A project kick-off meeting among FAA, Massport and CAC participants was conducted. Discussions took place related to the overall goal of the project, participant roles and consultant selection process. The group agreed that all three parties would be involved in scope of work development and participate together in interviewing and agreeing on the prime consultant. They also agreed that CAC would be provided funding to hire an independent technical consultant who would be involved throughout the term of the project.

May 2003: Both the Project Consultant (prime consultant) and the CAC Independent Consultant were selected.

December 2003: FAA, Massport and CAC participated in a brainstorming session that produced 55 noise abatement measures.

August 2003: FAA issues Airport Improvement Program grant for Phase 1 efforts.

August 2003 to March 2004: FAA, Massport and CAC worked jointly to develop the Phase 1 scope of work. Scope finalized on March 2004. The main component agreed to is conducting a three level screening process to analyze proposed measures.

March 2005: Phase 1 Level 1 screening analysis completed, which involved a qualitative assessment of safety and technical feasibility of each measure. In addition, measures related to runway use and/or those that had a potential to cause adverse environmental impacts under federal regulations, requiring possible preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) were retained for Phase 2 evaluation. Of the original 55 procedures, four (4) were eliminated from further evaluation due to safety or operational feasibility, or duplication of another measure; 11 were carried over to Phase 2; and 40 were passed to Level 2 analysis.

June 2005: Phase 1 Level 2 screening analysis completed, which further defined and evaluated each of the 40 measures for operational efficiency impacts, potential noise benefit and potential adverse environmental impacts under federal regulations (PDF 10 mb). Of the 40 measures, 23 passed to Level 3 screening; four (4) were carried over to Phase 2; and 13 were eliminated from further evaluation. Prior to Level 3, some of the 23 measures were similar in intent; therefore were combined to make 13 measures.

August 2006: FAA, Massport and CAC reviewed and accepted the scope of work for Phase 2, known as the Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS). This phase was designed to evaluate the remaining 14 measures deferred from the Boston Overflight Noise Study (BONS), aircraft ground movement measures and additional air traffic procedure measures intended to reduce noise. FAA issued an AIP grant to fund Phase 2 ($4.3 million). Phase 1 Level 3 efforts also continued.

October 2006: Phase 2 efforts begin.

January 2007: CAC recommended 9 of the 13 Early Implementation Measures for implementation, the remaining 4 were eliminated from further evaluation.

January 2007 – October 2007: FAA conducts environmental analysis for Categorical Exclusion determination.

October 2007: FAA issued a Categorical Exclusion and Record of Decision (PDF 56 mb) that approved the implementation of the 8 recommended measures.

February 2008: (February 28) CAC presents 36 additional measures to be evaluated in Phase 2, and recommendations related to Phase 1 Carry-Over measures.

February 2008: (February 18) FAA implements the conventional air traffic procedures related to BONS Alternatives 1/14/15, 2/14/15, 3/14/15, and 5/14/15 (PDF 11 mb).

March 2008: FAA begins Phase 2 Level 1 screening analysis.

May 2009: CAC presents preliminary goal and objectives related to noise abatement. FAA approves and implements BONS Alternative 11 (PDF 11 mb), which is the visual approach to Runway 33L.

August 2009: CAC recommends measures to be combined or eliminated based on CAC goal and objectives.

September 2009: FAA completes Phase 2 Level 1 analysis. A document for this is Coming Soon!

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