Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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The FAA's Record of Decision (PDF 2.1 mb) for the Boston Logan Airside Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) dated August 2, 2002 is the impetus for the Boston Noise Study. As stated in the ROD, many reviewers of the EIS asked for a review of Logan Airport noise impacts and an analysis identifying new noise abatement procedures to further minimize impacts from aircraft overflights. Commenters such as the CAC and South Shore communities made specific noise abatement proposals. FAA's preliminary assessment of proposals by South Shore communities indicated that changes in flight tracks and possibly other proposals may be feasible. As a result, the 2002 ROD specifically states the following:

"FAA, Massport, and the CAC (which includes South Shore communities) will work jointly to develop the scope of a noise study that will include enhancing existing or developing new noise abatement measures applicable to aircraft overflights. The study will evaluate proposals on the basis of environmental benefit, operational impact, aviation safety and efficiency, and consistency with applicable legal requirements. (Noise abatement proposals that FAA considers safe and efficient and that will not adversely affect other communities, will be implemented. These proposals will be implemented to the extent feasible prior to completion of the noise abatement study."
- Record of Decision, August 2, 2002 (See 6. Noise Abatement Study and Review of Preferential Runway Advisory System)

On March of 2004, the FAA, Massport and CAC reached an agreement on the Phase 1 Scope of Work (PDF 106 kb). In general, all agreed to conduct an alternative analysis involving three screening levels: (1) safety and operational viability, (2) operational efficiency and (3) detailed aircraft noise analysis. Those measures that successfully make it through the screening process were evaluated by CAC, who made recommendations for implementation. This process was also applied for Phase 2 (see the Phase 2 Scope of Work), which was completed in December 2012.

The BLANS is currently in Phase 3. (See the Phase 3 Scope of Work.)

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