Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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The Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS) is the result of a mitigation requirement contained in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) 2002 environmental Record of Decision (ROD) (PDF 1 mb) for the Boston Logan Airside Improvements Planning Project. The ROD requires that the FAA, Massport and the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) work jointly to develop a scope of a noise study that will include enhancing existing and/or developing new noise abatement measures applicable to aircraft overflights which do not diminish safety and efficiency, and/or cause adverse impacts to other communities (refer to Section VIII, Number 6 in the ROD).

To date, the study is the largest FAA funded noise study in the nation. The total dollar value for the study is approximately $8.3 million. Eighty percent ($6.6 million) is funded by Airport Improvement Program grants, which are drawn from the Airport and Airway Trust Fund, which is supported by user fees (such as ticket taxes and international operation taxes) and fuel taxes. The remaining twenty percent ($1.7 million) is funded by Massport. The funds are used to provide for two consultants: one for the FAA and Massport (Ricondo & Associates) and one for the CAC (Landrum & Brown, Inc.). To further facilitate study progress and navigate more efficiently through the study, a smaller group was established for Phase 1 and 2 named the Boston Technical Advisory Committee (or BOS/TAC), which included representatives from each of the three parties. A smaller Technical Committee, also including representatives from each of the three parties, was established for Phase 3.

The study is being conducted in three phases.

Phase 1, called the Boston Overflight Noise Study (BONS), began in 2003 and culminated in October 2007 with an FAA environmental ROD (PDF 34 mb) that identified several CAC recommended noise abatement procedures for FAA implementation within approximately two years.

Phase 2, called the Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS), began in early 2007 and was completed in December 2012, with the final results documented in Level 3 Screening Report, December 2012. Several ground noise measures resulted from Phase 2, including identifying an area for engine runups and a location for holding aircraft delayed before departure.

Phase 3, also called the BLANS, began in July 2013 and will identify and evaluate potential runway use measures to be included in a runway use program to replace the Preferential Runway Advisory System (PRAS) that the CAC voted to abandon in April 2012, because it had failed to achieve the intended noise abatement.

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