Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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PHASE 3 - Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS)

Phase 3 of the Boston Logan Airport Noise Study continues the comprehensive work conducted by FAA, Massport and CAC in Phase 1 and in Phase 2.

Phase 3 will identify and evaluate potential runway use measures to be included in a runway use program to replace the Preferential Runway Advisory System (PRAS), because it had not achieved the intended noise abatement. The evaluation of runway use measures in Phase 3 will include operational analyses, followed by noise analyses of those measures that are found to be operationally feasible. The evaluations and their results will be described on the Phase 3 Objectives/Milestones page. At the conclusion of Phase 3, the CAC will recommend a runway use program comprising selected runway use measures for Massport to submit to the FAA for acceptance. As part of the documentation for Phase 3, an overall summary of the noise abatement measures identified in Phase 1 and Phase 2, as well as the recommended runway use program will be described as an overall noise abatement program resulting from BLANS.