Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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The Phase 2 Scope of Services dated August 16, 2006, contains detailed information on the screening levels and the overall process and requirements for Phase 2. Click here for current schedule based on scope of services major tasks.

The project goal of this study, as stated in FAA's Boston Logan International Airport Airside Planning Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Record of Decision (ROD) (PDF 2 mb) is to reduce noise on communities by evaluating proposals on the basis of environmental benefit, operational impact, aviation safety and efficiency, and consistency with applicable legal requirements. The two primary objectives for Phase 2 is to (1) to investigate aircraft flight and ground noise impacts close to the airport; and (2) identify through both qualitative and quantitative analysis noise abatement measures that can provide noise relief to communities surrounding Boston Logan International Airport without effecting aviation safety and efficiency and is consistent with applicable legal requirements. The Phase 2 Scope of Work (PDF 224 kb) was developed to achieve the two main objectives by setting up an analysis process and developing a means to communicate information.

On May 28, 2009, CAC presented to the project team their goal for this project:

Safely reduce the aircraft flight and ground noise exposure from BOS-related operations[1]/ on as many residents of communities in the Boston area as practicable. ([1]/ BOS-related operations are those which takeoff, land at Boston Logan Airport, or are controlled by air traffic controllers located at the Boston Logan Air Traffic Control Tower.)

CAC also presented a series of criteria and objectives designed based on the above goal statement. The CAC criteria and objectives will be applied by CAC as they propose conceptual measures and ultimately decide which ones that passed through the alternative analysis should be recommended for implementation.

A project plan was developed (PDF 136 kb). This project plan outlines objectives that need to be achieved to successfully complete the project and should not be confused with the noise abatement objectives outlined by CAC. The project objectives are not related to the overall noise abatement goal. The tasks for each objective can be seen as steps that are to be taken to ultimately complete and achieve the project objective.