Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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PHASE 2 - Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS)

Phase 2 of the Boston Logan Airport Noise Study continues the comprehensive work conducted by FAA, Massport and CAC in Phase 1 (known as the Boston Overflight Noise Study). Phase 1 noise abatement measures have been or are in the process of being implemented by the FAA. These measures are described in detail in the FAA's October 2007 Categorical Exclusion/Record of Decision (PDF 56 mb) or on the Phase 1 Implementation page of this website. In general, Phase 1 measures include overflight measures that could be implemented prior to the completion of the noise study (early implementation alternatives) such as those that did not require an environmental assessment (EA) or an environmental impact statement (EIS).

Phase 2 will consider: (1) some carry-over measures from Phase 1 that could not be implemented early, (2) ground noise measures that were not part of the Phase 1 scope of work, (3) any additional noise abatement measures identified by the CAC that meet their noise abatement goals and objectives, and (4) if the existing Preferential Runway Advisory System (PRAS) should proceed in its current or changed state.

At the conclusion of Phase 2, the CAC will recommend to Massport a series of measures for implementation. These measures will be the subject of an environmental document to be prepared in Phase 3 that will document the potential environmental impact of the proposed measures. If CAC and Massport decide to assess the PRAS program, efforts would be under Phase 3.

To date, there are 10 measures under consideration for Phase 2; screened down from 53 that are described in the Level 1 Screening Report (PDF 13.6 mb). The evaluation of measures in Phase 2 will be subject to three different screening levels as was done in Phase 1 and further described on the Phase 2 Objectives/Milestones page.

If you are interested in information applied by the FAA, Massport and CAC during the Phase 2 process, select the category of interest below for further details. Here you can learn about the overall process and current status, obtain material such as meeting notes, presentations, technical reports and findings.

  • Phase 2 Objectives/Milestones ¨C contains information related to major project milestones such as; screening evaluation results, and alternative noise analysis results.
  • BOS/TAC ¨C includes Boston Technical Advisory Committee (BOS/TAC) meeting agenda, notes and presentation material during Phase 2.
  • CAC Information ¨C includes any CAC related materials produced during the course of Phase 2 that were shared by CAC to the project team.
  • Public Outreach ¨C contains media advisories elected representative briefing materials, and letter correspondence between FAA and elected representatives.
  • PMT ¨C describes the purpose of the Project Management Team and contains conference call agendas and notes.
  • Schedule ¨C provides an updated project quarterly schedule that reports task completion, progress and expected milestones
  • Document Library ¨C contains copies of documents produced or used during the course of Phase 2 such as: the scope of work, cumulative noise analysis, meeting notes, alternatives analysis, etc. This may duplicate documents listed on other pages.