Boston Logan Airport Noise Study
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Defining and Screening Alternatives

A comprehensive list of 55 noise abatement procedures (PDF 2.6 mb) was developed jointly by FAA, Massport and CAC in 2003 and evaluated for further consideration. Three levels of analysis was undertaken to screen and identify alternatives. A summary matrix of the screening process is available via this link (PDF 906 kb).

  • Level 1 Screening: Eliminated measured that diminished safety or presented substantial operational hurdles and/or required additional environmental review in Phase 2 (runway use changes or changes that potentially introduce adverse effects). Forty (40) passed to Level 2 for further screening. Four (4) were eliminated from further evaluation due to safety or operational feasibility, or duplication of another measure; and 11 were carried over to Phase 2.
  • Level 2 Screening: The 40 procedures from Level 1 (PDF 3.5 mb) were further defined and evaluated for operational efficiency impacts, potential noise benefit and potential adverse environmental impacts under federal regulations, In addition, any measures involve the new Runway 14/32 were carried over to Phase 2. Twenty-three (23) were passed to Level 3 screening and 13 were eliminated.
  • Prior to Level 3 analysis, the 23 measures from Level 2 (PDF 10 mb) were further defined and were grouped together based on similar intent and design to make 13 Early Implementation Alternatives. These are outlined in the Boston Logan Airport Noise Study Phase 1 Summary Findings (FLASH).
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Defining and Screening of Alternative

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